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  At James Glass Inc,  we manufacture quality scientific glassware for research and industrial applications. We pride ourselves on being a “University Style” glass shop. Our customers can present and discuss their individual needs, while receiving personal service and prompt delivery.

  We fabricate, modify and repair all types of macro and micro glassware for medicinal and organic chemistry; including :


·          Chromatography  Columns

·          Distillation Heads, Condensers and Receivers

·          Solvent Still Heads and Storage Apparatus

·          Adaptors

·          Manifolds and Traps

·          Fritted Funnels

·          Seperatory Funnels

·          Synthesis Vessels

·          Environmental Chemistry Glass

·          Reactors

·          Custom Glassware and Teflon


      See these and our specialty items on the Products page!

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Phone 781.829.0967 fax 781.829.2142 Toll Free 888.829.1224
Email: sales@jamesglass.com

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